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Ladder Tree Stand

A ladder tree stand is a useful tool when it comes to outdoor activities. It can be applied to any kind of activities outdoor with different purposes, from leisure activities like gardening and sport activities to activities in the military. A ladder tree stand is a ladder which can be attached to a tree in order for it to be able to stand for a long time. The main purpose of this type of ladders is not only to help the user climb the tree, but to allow them to stand and sit on top of the ladder for along time.

That is the reason why every ladder tree stand has a chair or at least a platform on top for the user to be able to sit or stand on there. The ladders with platforms are commonly used for sport activities like outbound and flying-fox activities, while the ones with chairs on it are usually used in the military, for example as the places from where the militants or soldiers can observe their surroundings.