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Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula program – Scam or Not

Over the years people across the world have been struggling to meet the ever rising need for more money due to increased cost of living. The ever increasing cost of living has pushed people to look for more opportunities to make money online so as to cater for their family needs and have a conformable life. However the quest have not been smooth to everybody despite the fact that some have succeeded in making money online; others have ended up being frustrated and lost their hard earned money through online scams such as Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula program.

Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula program was developed by Tim Stafford and claims to help people make big fortunes online through trading. The program is presumed to run on Tim Stafford’s software which studies the market trends so as to ensure profitable trading only. The platform is one of the online scams which have been designed in away to look legitimate but actually they just exist to swindle cash from unsuspecting people. The catch with this program is that it presumes it automatically trades when profitable opportunities arise without the involvement of the investor provided one has registered and made the initial deposit.

The platform according to its founder its uses a secret formula which cannot be made public so as to avoid being blocked by the government. It also claims that it will only take up 100 people and has an upper limit of $20,000 as the amount of money one can earn on a day. This claims woes people to try their luck with the Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula program. The sad story is that once one makes the initial deposit the story changes and the funds are lost. Next time you want to make decision to invest through online platform do thorough research so as to avoid such scams.