Earth Rods, the defence against static current

Electricity, much like fire is a good servant and a bad master. The one rule in electrical science that explains why equipment is damaged is that current always returns to its voltage source. If there is equipment with a small operating current on its return path, then it will be damaged. Static electricity will always seek its source, earth. Earth rods, tiefenerder in German, link a households ground circuit to earth. One reliable source for earth rods is tiefenerder.

Unless a wiring fault exists, tiefenerder will have a zero current when measured by an electric probe. These earth rods are drilled into the ground to depths of one to ten meters depending on the grounds electrical conductivity. Another term apart from teifenerder that describes earth rod is the ground rod. The close association that these rods have with Germany is because they were invented in Germany, along with the concept of an earthing circuit.
Information on how to choose ground rods, the best penetration depths and the best equipment to use to drill them into the ground is found at

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