Access To MoneyGram Is As Easy As Saying “MoneyGram Near Me”

How can I locate MoneyGram near me? It’s very simple with the many technological advancements at our disposal today. MoneyGram is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading money transfer companies with operations in over two hundred countries with over three hundred thousand offices scattered across the globe. Here are a few ways of locating a MoneyGram service near you.

Use of the MoneyGram store locator

This is the most recommendable way of locating their stores as it’s from their official records on where and where one of their agents operates. Using this search one can narrow down your country, state and Zip code. Through this platform you can check out the specific features offered at the location you have narrowed down to. This might be receiving or sending money, buying a money order among many other options. The search results will be quite extensive as it immediately provides specific details such as the phone number and the street addresses. You can simply check out the particular stores operational terms by selecting the services or hours option.

Use of the Google Maps App

This is a simple way of locating the MoneyGram stores. It can be simply be opened on your smartphone or computer. Begin by simplly searching google. Enter the keyword ?MoneyGram near me’ on the search bar and the locations of the stores closest to your vicinity will be displayed. The display is remarkable as it’s accompanied by the exact hours, contact number, physical address and ratings.

MoneyGram Mobile Application

Available in most of the market Apple and Android smartphones devices. After downloading it gives the user direct access to the office locator. The app also sends money, keeps track of your previous and current transactions, and allows the user to send money among several other features.

Sending Money through the MoneyGram Platform

To send money through MoneyGram there are several avenues including going by the guide above and locating one of the stores that provides this service. On arriving at the concerned office carefully fill out a slip and give it to the right person concerned. This will be followed by a number that proves confirmation of the transaction. The number should be immediately relayed to the receiver accompanied by details of the exact location they should go for pick up. Another way is by sending the money electronically.

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